The first step is the hardest...

Congratulations! You have obviously identified something you would like to change, and you have taken that first step.

Well, you have come to the right place!


Dragonflies are symbols of change and transformation. And while change can sometimes be hard, change can be achieved,  resulting in a greater understanding of ourselves, and the world we live in.

Working together, we can achieve your goal. 

Positive Personal Change

I will...

I want...

I won't...

Dragonflies are strong bio-indicators of the health of an environment, and guess what?  So are we!


Would you like help to make and sustain change in your life? Whether it be your health, happiness, adjustment to loss, or achieving life and career goals, together we can develop a plan of action. Dragonfly Change Agency uses evidence-based techniques and strategies to achieve your goals. 




Dragonflies have amazing sight, seeing visual fields of almost 360 degrees. We offer the same level of assessment - looking to evaluate what has gone before, what is happening now, and strategic planning for future goal achievement. For all your training needs, assistance with performance management, or individual coaching and mentoring. Dragonfly Change Agency also provides support with adjustment to change and shifts in culture and specialises in building leaders.


Together we can investigate the current situation, set goals, develop strategies and evaluate progress to enhance the performance of staff and help your business to thrive!

master classes

For 300 million years, dragonflies have shown resilience and have adapted to their environment. If encouraged in a supportive environment, we too can be resilient and adapt to change. Dragonfly Change Agency offers a selection of tailor-made classes designed to motivate and enhance the skills of your team, increase effectiveness, decrease division, improve culture and communication. Topics include (but are not limited to):


The Art and Science of Leadership

Managing Organisational Change

Introduction to Project Management

Having Difficult Conversations

Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Anger Management

Empathy at Work

Interpersonal Skills Building

Managing Meetings

Introductory Motivational Interviewing

Advanced Motivational Interviewing

Dr Paula Wye

Dr Paula Wye has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and organisations to achieve goals. She has a strong reputation for supporting and encouraging her clients and getting results. She is a registered psychologist, workplace trainer and assessor, and Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle. Paula has over 50 peer-reviewed publications, has trained hundreds of workshop participants, and has won national and international awards for her work.


"Excellent facilitator, kept us engaged for the whole day!"

"A great job tailoring the workshop to the needs of the group on the hop."


“Brilliant! Just Brilliant!”

“Lots of info delivered in a friendly, conversational and professional way”

“Very engaging”

“Good integration of content with workplace examples”

“You just might have saved my sanity! Thank you”

“Paula, what other courses do you run? I want to do them all!”

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