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Dr Paula Wye, an international award winning presenter, has over 20 years of expertise blending a mix of facilitation and motivational skills to engage her audiences.


Is your organisation having trouble with goal achievement, staff retention, or skills development? How would you describe the culture of your organisation? How effective are your communication strategies? Do people groan at the idea of a team meeting? Don’t let apathy erode the energy levels of your team, or lead to you losing valuable staff. Quality training can make all the difference, particularly when provided by an exceptional qualified trainer.

Skills Workshops

  •   Introduction to Motivation & Motivational Interviewing (1 day)

This workshop focuses on understanding the evolution and basic neuroscience of human motivation, and moves to developing active listening skills – a key concept in motivational interviewing. Motivational interviewing is about having empathy and influencing a person’s commitment to change, and utilises a collaborative, person-centred approach. The workshop also considers key issues such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, and techniques for increasing motivation for change. This workshop can be easily tailored to different groups and needs, including GPs and staff implementing policy and practice change.

  • Motivational Interviewing Advanced (1 day)

A more advanced workshop, building on the introduction to motivational interviewing, participants hone their active listening skills whilst developing their ability to evoke and respond to change talk. From active listening to intentional evoking of and responding to change talk, and the strategic use of directional client-centred counselling methods. This involves a thorough exploration of DARN CATS – the preparation for change talk, and mobilising change talk. The workshop includes analysis of transcripts, demonstrations and role plays. Suitable for clinicians and experienced staff in non clinical roles.

  • Nicotine Dependence & Smoking Cessation (1 day)

Catch up on the latest research on nicotine dependence and evidence based treatments for smoking cessation. One day workshop includes pharmacology of nicotine, principles of addiction, and the addiction cycle including physiological and behavioural characteristics. A short section on drug interactions is included. Then the focus moves to cessation aids and relapse prevention, with consideration of different population groups including smokers who identify as Aboriginal and smokers with a mental illness.

  • Managing Meetings (3 hours)

Ever been in a meeting where an email would have covered it? Some meetings seem to be a complete waste of time. Learn the artful skill of managing meetings, starting with when to have one, what sort, who should chair, and for how long. Let’s banish energy-sapping, time-wasting meetings and replace them with direction and action! Turn your work meetings into dynamic interactions, build genuine trusting relationships and inspire people to participate. From 5 minute meetings to annual meetings, gain the skills to make meetings effective.

  • Building Interpersonal Skills (1 Day)

This workshop is an experiential way of learning about yourself and others. You will hone your ability to listen fully, to give and receive honest feedback, and to express yourself more authentically. This course will focus on interpersonal communication in several contexts, including those with co-workers, as well as our own internal dialogues. We will address listening skills, basic conversational skills that lead to greater ease in interactions, gender differences, the role of technology, and how to use specific messages to express feelings and needs without implying judgment, criticism, or blame. We will also explore approaches to resolving conflict. By the end of the course, you will have a greater repertoire of responses to situations involving conflict, and you will understand various approaches to active listening.


  • An Introduction to Project Management

Project management is an integral part of many jobs. This hands-on course will strengthen your project management skills through case study analysis, simulations, and the development of a management plan for a selected project. You will explore aspects such as the structure of your team, setting goals and developing evaluation plans, planning and implementation phases, role delegation and decision making. In addition you will learn how to identify and manage scope, build a schedule and budget, define and allocate resources, minimize and manage risk, and create a proven performance measurement system that allows you to confidently communicate project status to your customers and stakeholders. By the end of this course, you will have a strong working knowledge of the basics of project management, helping you to immediately start managing projects more effectively. Participants will apply learning directly to the project they are managing.

  • Leadership Skills for Women in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, women are underrepresented in many key fields and positions. Studies show that women hold just 20% of board seats and make up less than 5% of CEOs. This course is designed to help women develop a leadership toolkit that lets them strategically achieve long-term professional growth and job satisfaction. Specifically, the course will help participants cultivate a proactive and authentic leadership style and build strong relationships with key people across their organisations and beyond. In addition, participants will discover how to identify and leverage their individual strengths so they can serve as role models and positively influence their teams and overall work environment. Designed for women concerned with addressing the imbalances mentioned above, this course will feature real-world case studies, interactive assignments and class discussions. Participants will come away from this course with highly actionable and practical tools that will help them grow into leadership positions in their given fields.​

  • Implementing Change (1 day)

Incorporating the Pathman Model and elements of motivational interviewing, this workshop enables participants to learn the skills required to engage others in a change process. This change model is an evidence-based model proven to be effective in a variety of settings. The workshop provides a step by step process for planning and implementing change, including tips for engaging ambivalent staff, communication strategies, and other techniques endorsed by published results including Cochrane review evidence.


Culture & Organisational Change Workshops

  • Changing Culture Workshop (3 days)

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that your staff would recommend your organisation as a place to work? This workshop is an exploration and analysis of organisational culture, from the top down. We look at what it takes to be a transformational leader and the strategies required to create positive organisational culture. It includes analysis of goals, values, structure, process and outcome evaluation. Includes pre evaluation tasks and plenty of activities for assessing and planning for positive change. Goals include staff retention, accountability, organisational and individual resilience.

  • Onboarding (4 hours)

Recruiting new staff is the start of a process, not the end. Onboarding isn’t only about ensuring a person completes compulsory orientation and training. A detailed, comprehensive plan for onboarding includes connection to the organisation and a clear understanding of accountabilities which include compliance issues and fit with culture. This workshop enables participants to develop an effective process for onboarding new recruits, and developing accountable resilient team members.

  • Well Beings (4 hours)

Stress. Everyone has it in their lives, but do you fear it or manage it? This workshop will explore evidence-based strategies for building resilience and practical examples for self-care. Strategies will include improving awareness, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, physical activities and others. Many of the strategies that will be discussed also have positive impacts on physical health and improving will power and self regulation. This workshop promises to be fun, practical and good for the soul. This 4 hour workshop is designed for people who would like to understand and learn ways to alleviate stress conditions. Can be tailored for individual skill building or for management of teams.

  • Managing Organisational Change – Looking Outside the Box (2 days)

All businesses need to change, and regularly.  Research suggests that approximately half of all businesses don’t survive beyond a decade. Only 15% survive for 30 years, and only 5% of these make it to their 50th year. Rigidity limits our capacity for innovation and adaption… particularly for bureaucracies with rigid rules and processes. Luckily, there are key approaches to ensure survival. Learn how to reinvent and adapt to shifting environments and markets, how to promote a performance culture and how to take your team with you.

  • The Art and Science of Leadership (4 days over 4 weeks)

Empowering people to deliver results is a critical goal for any leader. Yet nearly everyone has experienced a work environment where people were disengaged, unfocused, and unproductive. Leveraging psychology, and emerging practices in organisational development, this course gives leaders new tools for improving team engagement and performance in actionable, impactful ways. Case studies on Google, Airbnb, Toyota, and others, will help participants consider culture design, transformation of employees and goal achievement, and assist to “think differently” about the art and science of leadership. We will challenge assumptions about organisational hierarchies, and consider the impact of culture. We will get creative, think outside the box, and energise your personal commitment to your role as leader. This course will give leaders a new toolkit for building, motivating, and developing teams in ways that work—and generate a lasting impact.

Communication Workshops

  • Empathy at Work: Tools that Support Healthy Working Relationships (4 hours)

Do you avoid conversations where people might be upset? Are you sick of the awkward feeling of not knowing what to say to support others in difficult times? This workshop will offer solutions to reduce your awkwardness and genuinely help others feel heard.  Empathy at Work teaches what to say and do for the people you know who are experiencing a range of life’s challenges. Grounded in psychology and delivered with humour and heart, you will come away with concrete tools to impact every employee or colleague’s sense of wellbeing, belonging, and even productivity by being the empathetic person you want to be.

  • Managing Difficult Conversations (4 hours)

Difficult conversations are inevitable. It might be tempting to avoid the conversation all together but, the unintended consequences might mean your silence condones poor behaviour and sets a precedent for others. Knowing how to navigate a difficult conversation will ensure that you are able to have those challenging, yet important, conversations in a way that allows you to reach your goals and maintain good relationships.

  • Anger Management (4 hours)

Thoughtful perspectives, responses and decisions enable us to better cope with life’s challenges and do so with greater happiness. Sometimes the reasons we express anger aren’t about being angry at all. This course has been established as an effective way to address anger, stress, anxiety, and relationship and office conflicts while simultaneously enhancing health, productivity, and life satisfaction. The workshop aims to promote wellbeing through the integration of empirically supported best practices, and will enable individuals to learn and apply practical and effective techniques to their personal and professional lives.

  • Speaking Up

A program to assist organisations with the development of policy and procedures for speaking up for safety and civility. This workshop works through organisational values and how these are reflected in individual behaviours. With a focus on workplace health and safety, participants can work on processes for managing the prevention of stressful events, incidents and accidents, and workplace conflict. Participants will identify potential issues in the workplace and develop processes for avoiding workplace issues. This workshop can be tailored to managing interpersonal relationships, bullying and developing cultural competencies.

Feedback from facilitations, training and workshops include:


  • “The workshops were amazing” [Hunter Primary Care]

  • “A very well run course, very professional” [NADA]

  • “Great trainer – smart and engaged” [NADA]

  • “Great opportunity for professional and personal growth. Thank you!” [NADA]

  • “Very compassionate and empathetic trainer. Thank you.” [NADA]

  • “Thank you Paula for being involved and your amazing contribution!” [PSA]

Training packages can be developed to meet your specific staff, industry, or goal-oriented needs. Please contact Paula to discuss your training requirements.

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